NEW poll shows Trump leading in crucial swing state


North Carolina is a crucial swing state that is worth 15 electoral votes in the November General Election. Mitt Romney won the state by LESS than 2% points in 2012, and now Trump is polling right around that mark, which is good news!

From Emerson College:

“A new Emerson College poll in North Carolina finds Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton 45% to 43%, with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at 8%, Jill Stein at 2%, and 2% undecided.  The poll of 800 likely voters was conducted August 27-29 and had a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points.

Clinton has a 14-point favorability deficit, with 42% of voters viewing her favorably and 56% unfavorably. Trump’s gap is -18 points; 39% have a favorable view of him compared to 57% with an unfavorable opinion. Clinton has a 93% loyalty score, meaning 93% of those with a positive view of her plan to vote for her. Trump’s loyalty score is 96%.”

Upon hearing these results, Trump tweeted them out!

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